Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Treasures for the Home

Hi everyone!  Happy Tuesday!  Let's have a little fun today...I'm thinking about fun treasures for your home.  Let's see just how fun Ingenuity team can get!

Cupcake Bath Soaps, Set of 2 by normasbath on Etsy

How cute are these?  Your bathroom couldn't get any more fun than adding some cupcake bath soaps from normasbath.  I just hope your guests don't try to eat them.

Turquoise Full Moon by Claybraven on Etsy

Add a fun touch to your garden or home with this smiling turquoise full moon cast stone sculpture from Claybraven.  Just looking at this happy face will make you smile back!

Modern Fish Pillow Cover by Michelebuttons on Etsy

Here's something perfect for the fisherman.  He's going to love this modern fish pillow cover by Michelebuttons.  Dreaming about that next adventure at the lake, what could be more fun?

Nursery Photography, Horse Photography by urbandreamphotos on Etsy
Remember those childhood moments that stand out as fun times?  How about riding the merry-go-round at the traveling carnival in summertime?  This nursery photography titled "Horse Race 2" will bring back that feeling of childhood fun...from urbandreamphotos.

I hope you enjoyed today's Treasures for the Home!  I know I had fun finding them for you.  Don't forget to come back by on Friday to see what Jessica has to share with us!

Until next time...

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