Thursday, May 15, 2014

Friday Finds!

We have made it through another week, and I have some fun Friday Finds from Ingenuity Team members to share with you.

Women's Screen Printed Shirt from Squirrel Six

Looking for a super comfortable shirt with a bit of character?  This shirt from Squirrel Six features original artwork.

Striped Cotton Bag from Spiral Girl

This cotton bag from Spiral Girl is great for Spring and Summer.  It's orange lining provides a fun, unexpected pop of color.

Glass Bead Necklace from sevinchjewelry

This necklace from sevinchjewelry is made from blue glass beads, and is perfect for Summer.

"Organism III" neck piece from Lloyd told George

At first glance, this neck piece from Lloyd told George seems so simple.  Then upon second inspection it is a fascinating piece of wearable art.

Check back tomorrow for my Kids Only post!

Jessica - Feath & Kee

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