Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Finds! 12.19.14

Christmas is just six short days away, and today I have some neat gift ideas from Ingenuity Team members to share with you.  Please be sure to contact the shop owners for shipping estimates!

Fused Glass Earrings from Coastal Art Glass Studio

These dazzling earrings from Coastal Art Glass Studio are so pretty!  They are made with fused glass and the wires are gold plated.

Stuffed Owl from Creations For Kids

This sweet cuddly friend is made from lilac chenille fabric. Find her at Creations For Kids.

2015 Daily Planner from RilegatoaMano

A gorgeous gift from RilegatoaMano, this 2015 Daily Planner will keep the recipient on track throughout the year. 

Coffee / Soup Mug from Muddy Waters Ceramic Creations

Just right for wrapping your hands around, this mug from Muddy Waters Ceramic Creations was thrown by hand on a pottery wheel, so it is definitely one of a kind.

That's it for this week!

Jessica - Feath & Kee

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Friday Finds! 12.5.14

This post is all about that unique, one of kind greeting card.  So, why should you choose one of these cards over the inexpensive bundles that you might find at the big box store down the road?  Aside from supporting an independent artist, you are making a statement whether you mean to or not.  You are saying to the recipient "you are special, I care enough that I took the time to select just the right card for you."  Here are a few that I found from Ingenuity Team members.

Set of 3 Christmas Card from Stella My Star

This card from Stella My Star is sure to delight any Batman fans!  It is an original illustration printed on a 4"x 4" card.  If you happen to be in the UK, it is available for free shipping.

Fabric Snowman Card from Stitch Mikki

This cute snowman card from Stitch Mikki is definitely special.  First they create a gorgeous scene from fabric with a combination of machine and hand stitching.  Then it is attached to a card.

Scientific 12 Days of Christmas Card from Newton And The Apple

12 neurons firing... Newton And The Apple has put a scientific spin on the 12 Days of Christmas with this delightful card.

Eco-Friendly Christmas Card from Tammy Olson Mixed Media Designs

This whimsical card from Tammy Olson Mixed Media Designs is taken from the artist's origional mixed media painting "Merry and Bright".  It is printed on 100% recycled paper, enclosed in a biodegradable sleeve, and comes with a recycled brown bag envelope.

Have a great weekend!

Jessica - Feath & Kee

Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Finds! 11.21.14

Happy Friday everyone!  With Thanksgiving next week, we are well into the holiday season.  My three year old is really excited about Christmas this year.  She even found a box of old ornaments out in the barn that she has been playing with every day.  So this week, I thought that I would take a look at the different Christmas ornaments available from Ingenuity Team members.

Glow in the Dark Christmas Ornament from HippieClay

This handcrafted ornament from HippieClay is about the size of a golf ball, features an interesting design, and glows in the dark!

Hand Painted Santa Ornament from Lucky Karma Creations

Looking for something upcycled? Lucky Karma Creations has a selection of painted driftwood ornaments.

Hand Painted Ceramic Fox Ornament from Sandy Land Studios

One of a kind, this ornament from Sandy Land Studio is painted with acrylic paints.  If you would like different colors, contact Sandra to see if there is time for a custom order.

Re-Cycled Glass Ornament from Pieces of Home Mosaics

This pretty stocking ornament from Pieces of Home Mosaics was created with copper wire and recycled broken stained glass pieces.

Have a great weekend!

Jessica - Feath & Kee

Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Finds! 11.14.14

The chill in the air has me ready to decorate for Christmas!  So today, I have some items from Ingenuity Team members to get your holiday decorating off to a great start!

Hand Carved Victorian Santa from True Woodcarvings & Supplies

Place your order right away for this lovely Victorian Santa from True Woodcarvings & Supplies.  He is carved from basswood and finished with acrylic paints and an oil-based wash.

Christmas Table Runner from Patsy's Patchwork Studio

Set your table right with this patchwork table runner from Patsy's Patchwork Studio.  In addition to adding a festive touch, it also happens to be machine washable.

Ice Skate Wreath from Fabb Creations

Weather you are a hockey fan, or are just interested in a unique holiday decoration, this skate from Fabb Creations should fit the bill.  Sit it on a table or mantle, or hang it with the attached eye-hook.

Snowman Countdown to Christmas Wall Hanging from Gr8byz

Cut out and painted by hand, this cute wooden snowman from Gr8byz will become a family favorite.  Move his carrot nose each day to countdown the days until Christmas!

I hope that you enjoyed checking out these finds as much as I enjoyed writing about them.  Have a great weekend!

Jessica - Feath & Kee

Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Finds! 11.07.14

Well, we made it through Halloween and the candy comas.  The holiday season is upon us!  Everyone (hopefully) knows by now that Etsy is the place to find neat gifts.   Some of those just happen to be made by Ingenuity Team members.  Here are a few....

Wood Spirit Walking Stick from North Wind Carvings

For that someone who loves heading out into the great outdoors, this hand carved walking stick from North Wind Carvings features a young elf to guide you on your hikes.  

Raffia and Sisal Bag for knitting needles from Producoes Coracao

A great gift idea for knitters, this raffia and sisal bag from Producoes Coracao has a linen lining.

Magenta Tote from Tulipe Studio

Just right for throwing everything in and going, this tote from Tulipe Studio features one of Michelle, the owner's original designs.

Daisy Mug from Technique Ceramics

This pretty mug from Technique Ceramics will bring someone a little spark of cheer on dreary Winter days.  It also happens to be dishwasher and microwave safe.

Hope that everyone has a great weekend!

Jessica - Feath & Kee

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Finds! 10.31.14

Happy Halloween!  I am so excited that this year, Halloween is on a Friday!  Now that fall is in full swing, I want to share some lovely autumn decor from Ingenuity Team members.

Pumpkin Jar from Muddy Waters Ceramic Creations

This hand thrown pumpkin jar from Muddy Waters Ceramic Creations would be a great gift or addition to your seasonal decor.  It has been glazed with food safe glazes.

Set of 2 Cutlery Pocket from Beadsnbrooches

Looking for the perfect finish to your table setting?  This set of cutlery pockets from Breadsnbrooches features a crocheted lace edge and can be made to your custom color scheme. 

Goat's Beard print from PhotoClique

Preserving that moment where you say goodbye to Summer, and usher Autumn in.  This photographic print from PhotoClique is a high resolution gilcee print.

Hand Carved Pumpkin Set from ClaudesWoodcarving

This little pumpkin family from ClaudesWoodcarving has been carved by hand from basswood, and painted with non-toxic paints.

Have a Safe & Fun Halloween!

Jessica - Feath & Kee

Friday Finds! 10.24.14

Friday again!  We made it through another week. I love Halloween, and since it is next week, I thought that I would sneak in one last post featuring Halloween finds from Ingenuity Team members.

Halloween Witch Faces from 2 Vintage Gypsies

The possibilities abound with this pair of  witch faces from 2 Vintage Gypsies.  Use them to make small bookends?  Or maybe a pair of dolls.

OOAK Halloween Pendant from Unusual Creations of True Fairy

This spooky one of a kind pendant from Unusual Creations of True Fairy features a stag beetle.

Candy Corn koozie from Beach Daisy 

These festive candy corn koozies from Beach Daisy are crocheted from acrylic yarn.

Halloween Gothic Sculpture from Joey's Art Originals 

I love this Halloween style American Gothic sculpture from Joey's Art Originals

Have a great weekend!

Jessica - Feath & Kee

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Finds! 10.17.14

It's Friday!  Today's post has a food theme.  Ingenuity Team members have a ton of items for the cook in your life.  Here are just a few...

"BBQ Chefs " print from Vickie Wade Fine Art

This cute print from Vickie Wade Fine Art is from one of Vickie's original paintings.  It is printed on heavyweight smooth cover paper and available in three different sizes.

Onsie from Plate & Pencil

Love this cute onsie from Plate & Pencil!  It is made from organic cotton and printed with eco-friendly ink.  

Vintage Sears Mushroom Containers from pequenaboutique

Step back a few years with these cute mushroom canisters from pequenaboutique.

French Butter Keeper from FoodieCeramics

Love butter, but get tired of getting it to room temperature?  This porcelain French butter keeper from FoodieCeramics is what you need.  

That is it for this week!  Incase you missed it, be sure to check out Diane's member spotlight.  Have a great weekend!

Jessica - Feath & Kee

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Member Shop Spotlight

This week our featured shop is Claybraven
Owner: Braven K. Smillie

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself . Do you have a family? Do you have pets? What do you do at your day job? Or is Etsy your full time job?
I'm a freelance translator (Japanese to English) and a self-taught sculptor. I'm a wannabe full-time artist, and my dream is to make Etsy into a full-time job by expanding sales from two or three a week to five or more a day. I live in Portland, Oregon with my wife and two daughters.
Gold Copper Moon

2. How long have you had your Etsy Shop? 
About two years now.

Garden Guardian
3. How did you come up with your shop name?
came up with the name "Claybraven" for my shop because it combines a very familiar word that hints at sculpture ("clay") with my name, which is a good unique identifier. Together, they make a brand name that I thought would make my items easy to search for on the Internet. If you type "claybraven" just about anywhere on the Internet, my stuff will pop up somewhere in the search results. So I label my free samples with "Just Google 'claybraven'!" I like to hang sculptures up on telephone poles and let people discover them.  I needed a unique handle to write on the back of these giveaways so people would be able to find my shop easily by Googling it.  Once in a while, I'll get a message at Facebook from someone who found one of my sculptures where I left it.  

4. What types of items does your shop carry? 
My hand-cast reproductions of my own unique sculptures-- mostly indoor/outdoor wall hangings with expressive faces.

Cast Stone Wall Art Mask
Cute Little Yellow Sun
5. How long have you been doing this (even before you had your Etsy shop)?
Since around 2009.

6. What is your process for making your items? Do you use special materials or processes?
I sculpt an original out of pottery clay, bisque fire it, then smother it in silicone rubber, flip the rubber over to create a mold. Then I fill it with cement, cure it, trim it, tint it, dry it out, and polish it to a gorgeous stony lustre.
Metallic Jester

7. What inspires you?
Natural, candid facial expressions. Capturing a natural wistful look, a big laugh, a bittersweet smile or a surprised look is inspiring to me.

Goddess Planter Pot
8. If you could give a new Etsian one piece of advice, what would that be?
Frequent renewing is cheaper than advertising, and seems to work.

9. Anything else you'd like to talk about:
Thanks for coming to see my store. I work slowly, but am always making improvements and adding new items, so stop by Claybraven now and then.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Finds! 10.10.14

Hello Friday!  Well, we have made it through another week.  Today, I have cute and spooky Halloween decorations from Ingenuity Team members to share with you.

Vampire Bat Flamingo from Cedar Moon Studio

Cedar Moon Studio proves that you can be fun and spooky at the same time with this Vampire Bat Flamingo.

Upcycled "Wicked" Box from Carriage On Cherry

Made from recycled wood, and inspired from the hit Broadway show "Wicked", this box from Carriage On Cherry would add a lot of interest.

Mummy Mason Jar from Rag & Berry

This Mummy Mason Jar from Rag & Berry is so cute!  Grab a few to make a memorable display.

BOO Pumpkin Trick or Treater Pattern from CCC Primitives

Calling all crafters! Get the pattern to create your own BOO Pumpin Trick Or Treater at CCC Primitives.

That is it for this week.  Stay tuned to see which shop will be featured in the Member Spotlight!

Jessica - Feath & Kee