Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Finds! Black Friday

Hope that everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving, or Thursday if you live in a part of the world that does not celebrate Thanksgiving.  Today is the day... people have been camping out for weeks in some cases in order to get in on the big Black Friday sales.  I say let them have it.  Ingenuity Team members have great deals going on right now.

Baby Quilt from Prairie Quilts byjstoutjesdyk

This raw edge baby quilt from Prairie Quilts by jstoutjesdyk.  Would make any baby girl happy.  I love the different pattern and colors of this quilt.  Originally priced at $100.00, it is currently a steal at $70.00.

Birds of Play Original Oil Painting from Forgotten Land

These birds have something to say!  Liven up your space with "Birds of Play".  This is an original oil painting from Forgotten Land

9 Bar Multipack Cold Press Soap from Soap For Your Soul

Stumped for gift ideas?  Soap For Your Soul has you covered!  This multi-pack contains 9 extra large cold pressed bars.  You get to select which bars you want (5-5.5oz.).  They are also vegan! 

Pyrite Copper Hand Shaped Hammered Bracelet from Luna Essence

Looking for something for something original?  This pyrite copper bracelet from Luna Essence should fit the bill.  Each piece has been shaped by hand.  It is currently 25% off.

Be sure to check in on Tuesday for Jennifer's Treasury Spotlight!  

Happy Shopping!

Jessica - Feath & Kee

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  1. Love your finds, and especially the thought of not facing the crowds at the mall!