Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall 2013 Trends - Green

When I look at the colors for Fall 2013, I think nature in jewel tones.  Greens from the forest, Blues from the sky, splashes of red and orange, keeping things lively.  This week, I am focusing on green.  Emerald, the 2013 color of the year, still plays a major role, with complementary shades along for the ride.  Imagine taking a stroll along a forest path, pointing out the different hues.  A hat in moss, earrings from a rare bird, a collection of clips to match the leaves, and a super soft garment to help you blend in with it all.  This is what I found this week from the Ingenuity Team.

Vintage 1960's Moss Green Hat from Vintage Edition

The greens of this vintage hat from Vintage Edition are right on trend.  The hat itself is divine.  It would add a pleasant, surprise to any outfit.

Feather Earrings from Still Tree Jewelry

These earrings from Still Tree Jewelry make me think of an exotic bird.  This would be a great way to add interest and color to an ensemble with out going over board.

Resin Snap Clip Collection from Rotifera

Having trouble deciding on your green of choice?  This collection of resin clips from Rotifera will have you covered.

Lichen Lime Bolero Shrug from Rapture by Inese

Perfect for chilly autumn days, this part shrug, part infinity with arms from Wrapture by Inese fits the bill.  The angora kid and silk that this is knit from ensure that it is light weight and luxurious.

I hope that everyone has a lovely weekend!

Jessica - Feath & Kee

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