Friday, September 6, 2013

Fall 2013 Trends - Floral

Welcome to the very first Friday's Finds post for Ingenuity Team.  Each week, we will take a look at the various trends and themes to be found within Ingenuity Team.  One of the major trends for Fall 2013, are floral prints.  There are many different choices to be found, but I narrowed down four of my favorites to share with you.

Vintage Floral Blouse from Straylight Vintage

This 1960's vintage floral blouse from Straylight Vintage touches on two trends at once, being floral and blue.

Vintage Blue Floral Scarf from Vintage Editon

Once again, we hit the blue and floral trend with this lovely scarf from Vintage Edition.

Decorative Pillow Cover from VFIllustration

Our third, and final blue item.  This blue pillow cover from VFIllustration takes the blue floral element into home decor.

Floral Bag from Seno

This bag in a classic floral print from Seno has that perfect floral touch.

Jessica - Feath & Kee

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