Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Finds! Don't Forget Your Mother!

With Easter celebrations in full swing, another holiday is just a few short weeks away!  If you know what is good for you, you will not forget it!  Since I know that you really want to find an awesome present for the woman who does so much for you, I have a few finds....

Floral Scarf from Miracle Shine

This floaty floral scarf is just perfect for Spring!  Get it at Miracle Shine.

Tree of Life Pendant from Caterpillar Arts

This Tree of Life pendant from Caterpillar Arts features the seven chakra colors.  The stones used to make up the colors are: garnet, Baltic amber, citrine, peridot, apatite, iolite, and amethyst.

Renaissance Gypsy Hobo Style Bag from Beautiful Bags Etc. 

The brocade fabric and tassels truly set this bag from Beautiful Bags Etc. apart.

Tourmaline Bracelet from KM Berlin

This feminine bracelet from KM Berlin is made from tourmaline beads.

Check in tomorrow for my Kids Only! post.

Jessica - Feath & Kee


  1. Lovely finds for mom! Thanks for sharing Jessica!

  2. Awesome!!! ♥♥♥❤❤❤Thank you so much❤❤❤♥♥♥