Thursday, April 3, 2014

Friday Finds! Decorating for Easter

Oh wow!  It is Friday!  Spring is in full swing.  Here in Texas it is starting to feel more like Summer, but I am definitely not going to complain.  Easter is only a couple of weeks away, I want to share some cute Easter decorations from Ingenuity Team members with you.

Easter Bunny Wreath from Rag & Berry

This bunny wreath from Rag & Berry is playful and fun!

Carrot Bowl Fillers from CCC Primitives

Easter Bunny bait!  Or, just really cute carrots.  You decide!  This set of 6 carrots is available at CCC Primitives.

Easter Wreath from Adorabella Wreaths

I love this sweet little bunny hiding in Spring flowers.  This wreath is from Adorabella Wreaths.

Egg Wreath from DyJo Designs

No eggs were harmed in the making of this wreath!  I love the elegant simplicity of this wreath from DyJo Designs.

Check back tomorrow for cute Easter finds for the little ones!

Jessica - Feath & Kee

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