Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kids Only! Valentine's Day Surprises

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I strolled around Ingenuity Team in search of Valentine's Day loot that will bring smiles to little faces.  Here is what I found....

Hand Dyed Red Heart Pillow from Rags & Berries

I love this shabby chic pillow from Rags & Berries.  It is made from a vintage Morgan Jones dot dash chenille bedspread that was hand dyed red.  The texture just gives it so much interest.

6 I Love You Lollipops from Designer Lollipop

These lollipops from Designer Lollipop are sure to set any goody bag apart from the rest.

Sophie the Piggy from The Monkey Village

Sophie the Piggy is ready to be adopted and loved by the little one in your life.  She is handmade from a pink Rockford Red Heel sock, and will be a treasured friend.  You can find her at The Monkey Village.

Pink Valentine Cootie Catcher Printable from Arigigi Pixel

This printable, PDF cootie catcher from Arigigi Pixel would be perfect for a Valentine's Day party.  It is a craft, game and favor all in one!

Check in on Tuesday for Jennifer's Treasury Spotlight & have a great weekend!

Jessica -  Feath & Kee

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