Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ready for the Beach

Sunscreen .... check.  Towels ..... check.  Snacks ..... check.  School is out, the temperatures are creeping ever upwards.  That can only mean it is time to hit the beach, or local swimming pool.  I found some really neat things from Ingenuity Team members that are just right for a day of swimming.

Personalized Beach Towel from Cre8ivgifts

Battles of whose towel is whose will be a memory of the past with personalized beach towels from Cre8ivgifts.

Tropical Kids Patchwork Bag from Phresh Kidz

This cute bag from Phresh Kidz is perfect for toting a change of clothes and sunscreen.

Baby and Toddler Beach Hat from Geekistry Designs

I love this hand crocheted beach hat from Geekistry Designs.

Small Girl Dress from web4soleil

This cute cotton dress from web4soleil would be perfect to go over a swimsuit for a beach or pool party.

I hope that you enjoyed my finds!  Until next week,

Jessica - Feath & Kee

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