Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bath Time!

Every parent dreads this time.  I think maybe kids make this a battle, just for the sake of it.  Unless they suffer from aqua phobia.  Forever on the lookout for anything that will make "bubbles" a fun time at my house, I decided to see what Ingenuity Team shops have to offer.

Outer Space Artisan Soap from Soap For Your Soul

No one can resist this oh so cool Outer Space Artisan Soap from Soap For Your Soul.

Dirt Scented Soap from PS I Love Soap Co.

Okay, how fun is this!?!  Soap that smells like dirt...AND it has a worm!  Find this awesome soap at PS I Love Soap Co..

Baby Soap from Artisian Soap In Vegas

Ever so gentle and mild for the softest skin, Baby Soap from Artisan Soap in Vegas is perfect for the little ones.

Natural Turkish Towel from The Anatolian

Bath completed, it is time to get dry!  These Turkish towels, or peshtemals from The Anatolian are perfect.

Until next week,

Jessica - Feath & Kee


  1. Bath time fun for us young at heart too!!

  2. The dirt soap is going to be a hit with my nephews...not sure what their mom will say!