Friday, May 10, 2013

Welcome Home- Mom's Room

Welcome Home

~Mom's Room~

Is there someone in your life who suffers from "working Mom syndrome"?  You can easily recognize her...swollen feet, hair out of place, purse and car keys in hand and usually carrying a travel mug!  Oh wait a minute, that's you!  This week is all about our wonderful Mothers and decorating a little place just for them.

TheGiftOfNature shop is a perfect beginning with this sweet wooden door sign for Mom!

Handmade Door Sign from TheGiftOfNature on Etsy

You can use this sign on your door, as a wall hanging or center it in an archway!  There will be no confusion as to whose digs you are checking out!

Love this gorgeous Art Deco vase from Tonya of oohlaya shop.  Keep it filled with fresh flowers and enjoy the aroma throughout your special space!

Vintage Tiffin Poppy Vase 1930's from oohlaya on Etsy

Place this awesome vintage wicker basket from Anne's WeeLambieVintage in the corner of your room and fill it with your knitting, material or even old magazines!

Vintage Wicker Laundry Basket from WeeLambieVintage on Etsy

RococoDecor offers stunning pillow covers in various patterns.  This floral selection is so Mom!
Another idea for your big basket...pillows and throws!

Decorative pillow, pink and red rose floral by RococoDecor on Etsy

Mom will want to have a fab picture frame, which keeps her favorite family photo safe and sound!  Sandra of Curiopolis has just the right piece...

Vintage Picture Frame, Art Nouveau from Curiopolis on Etsy

At the end of a long hard day Mom looks forward to her place to escape, if only for an hour!  She sits comfortably and reads or sews and enjoys her moments of serenity.  She thinks to herself... tomorrow it starts all over again!  

To all the Mom's on the go ~ you're Ingenuity inspires us!

Until the next room,


  1. love this feature.
    Especially love the picture frame and pinned it to my Downton Abbey board.
    Thanks for featuring my wicker laundry basket.

  2. What an awesome post! Just love it!