Saturday, May 11, 2013

For the New Moms...

As you all know, there is a holiday that is literally right around the corner...  The day that we take (hopefully) time to show that special woman in our lives that we care.

Last week, I wrote about sweet baby girls.  This week's post is all about new moms.  Whether it is her very first, or fifth, being a "new" mom is not without trials and tribulations.  I found a few great things around Ingenuity to make those early days just a little bit smoother.

Apple Green Tunic from Alice B. Maternity 
When you are expecting, there are days when a pretty top can really ease the sometimes frustrating nine month fashion struggle.  This lovely apple green tunic from Alice B. Maternity  is the answer to maternity fashion woes.  An added bonus for new moms who choose to breast feed, are the discreet side zippers.

Vintage Soft Throw from Cloud Hunter

This bright and fluffy throw from CLOUDHUNTERCO is made from vintage fabric and french faux fur.  This is perfect for snuggling up for story time.

Family Initial Necklace with Birthstones from Nadin Necklaces

This pretty necklace from Nadin Necklaces with initials and birthstone, lets the new mom keep her children close to her heart.

Mommy & Me Hats from Geekistry Designs


I love these matching hats from Geekistry Designs.  These hand knit hats are available in different colors as well.

I hope that your Mother's Day is as awesome as mine already is. :)  That is the great thing about being a mom.  You get to have Mother's Day everyday.  

Until next week,

Jessica - Feath & Kee


  1. What wonderful finds for the new mom! Thanks for sharing with us Jessica!

  2. Great items! Thanks for taking the time and sharing!

  3. A great feature, Jessica!! Just love the selections from the Ingenuity team.