Friday, April 26, 2013

Welcome Home- The Man Cave

Welcome Home

~The Man Cave~

Now ladies we have to embrace the thought of a man cave!  His little space to play, dream, pretend and maybe even create.  The best part about this room or basement area is that it is within the safe walls of your own home.  Bonus!

Whether the man of the house is a hunter or not he will love this elite Royal Doulton signature figurine of the hunting dog holding its prey.  Stop by Cathy Collins' footbridgecove1 shop and have a look at her vintage selections.
Royal Doulton, Cocker Spaniel and Pheasant from footbridgecove1 on Etsy
Place this boy in a place of honor, perhaps centered on a shelf above the bar area.  Hit the flea market and find some nice vintage bottles, colorful ones and line them on either side of him!

Mixed nuts and chocolate covered that got your attention!  The man cave just wouldn't be the same without them!  Tanjla of rhinestonesrock has a stylish relish set that is an easy cross-over piece.
Silver Rimmed Glass Relish Set from rhinestonesrock on Etsy
Elegant silver detailing on a wood base, I can just see it at the end of his bar or centered on a neat card table!

Assuming there is a little bar fridge strategically placed and stocked full of cool favorites you will need a good lookin' set of coasters!  OdettesVintage has just that!

Vintage Rustic Wood Coaster Set from OdettesVintage on Etsy
If my count is right, your man can have eight guests!  Let's hope that room is sound proof!

These vintage sexy book cover magnets are just the right amount of eye candy to adorn that mini fridge or even have them framed in a deep shadow box.  Maybel57 is a plethora of finds!
Lot of 3 Vintage Pulp Fiction Book Cover Magnets from Maybel57 on Etsy
When I came across this awesome little putter set it screamed indoor fun!  Handmade perfection by Timothy of tiposcreations.  Gorgeous cherry wood and you can have it personalized too!
Personalized Executive Putter Set from tiposcreations on Etsy
Let him feel like an executive as he mini puts in his just had a visual didn't you?

 You've helped your man decorate his ultimate playroom and he will be the envy of the neighborhood!  What the heck, you might get those diamond earrings you've been wanting after all!

Until the next room,