Thursday, April 11, 2013

Welcome Home- The Guest Bathroom

"Welcome Home" 


Being we are members of the Ingenuity Team, it must mean that we are also social butterflies and entertain the occasional guest!  If you are fortunate enough to have a little guest bathroom off your kitchen or living area here are some ideas for a neat unisex look!

Warm browns with a touch of color always work!  A nice hand woven rug is the perfect accent to highlight your hardwood floor or ceramic tile.  This one is from Mathew Cousineau of VerdMontStudios.
Handmade woven rag rug (Big Snow Country) by VerdMontStudios on Etsy
Awesome texture with a nice contrast of colors.  A gorgeous piece with a true artisans look!

Every bathroom needs a statement mirror, even if it is a simple two-piece small powder room.  Look at this grand creation of Kate Brooks' of PiecesofhomeMosaics.
Abstract Mosaic Mirror, brown tones, by  PiecesofhomeMosaics on Etsy
Continuing with the earth tones this mirror is simply stunning!  Your guest will love it and most likely reach out and feel the workmanship.  They won't be able to contain themselves!

FSBstudio provides us with a little mood lighting.  Jenny Therrien has created a rustic pine wood candle holder that can hold three small votive candles....scented please! 
Primitive Reclaimed Wood Centerpiece Candle Holder by FSBstudio on Etsy
The candles could be interchanged throughout the year and pull different shades of browns, teals and vanillas.  Place it on a small shelf just under your mosaic mirror and enjoy the shimmering soft light provided.

Emily and Mike of SoapForYourSoul have just what we need to set kitty corner on your little vanity sink.  Scented handmade soap bar ready to accept guests hands!
Indian Sandalwood Soap, Natural Handmade Soap by SoapForYourSoul on Etsy
Soap displayed in a footed bowl/holder adds such a classy touch, it is always about presentation!  Yes, color co-ordinate your soap too and your attention to detail will not go unnoticed.

Every room has walls just waiting to be adorned!  A soft toned digital watercolor portrait of your furry friend works purrfectly!  Crecre Ho of triplestudio offers fabulous custom work for the animal lover.
Custom Pet Portrait by triplestudio on Etsy
The hues in this kitty are ideal.  Gently pulls together your country vibe with the light colored frame blending nicely with the fab rug!

Pat yourself on the back, your guest will love it!  You've just created a functional visual masterpiece complete with it's own throne...oops!

     Until the next room...


  1. Entertaining dialogue from Mama Dupuis as well as stylish decorating ideas from our Ingenuity team members! Love the look!

  2. Great finds! Thanks so much for featuring our soap!

  3. Wow! Thank you for featuring my mosaic mirror! Our team really has outstanding items to offer every buyer!