Friday, March 22, 2013

Selling on Etsy

I was browsing the internet in the wee hours of the morning, which is normal for someone working the night shift, and came across a couple of interesting articles.

One of these articles is from Entrepreneur and entitled "The 'Etsy Economy' and Changing the Way We Shop"  by Kathleen Davis and associate editor at

Kathleen begins the article with:

"It's not and exaggeration to say that Etsy wants to change the world.  It's part of the mission statement of the ecommerce site for handmade and vintage goods."

Read more:

The second read is actually a series of articles by Brad and Debra Schepp of The Online Seller.  

The first of this series is:

Is Selling on Etsy Right for You? Part 1

What sells on Etsy, and who buys on the marketplace?

Brad and Debra begin the series with an article on what sells and who shops on Etsy.

The second of the series is:

Is Selling on Etsy Right For You? Part 2

How to run your Etsy store for success

The second article explores tips from shop owners on setting up and running your store.

And the third article of the series is:

Is Selling on Etsy Right for You? Part 3

Marketing and promoting your Etsy store

In the third and last of this article of the series Brad and Debra explore branding and using social media to promote your product.

These articles are current and an excellent read for old and new sellers alike.

Val Robichaud
Team Captain
The Ingenuity Team

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