Thursday, February 13, 2014

Friday Finds! Guys Need To Dress Up Sometimes Too.

Valentine's Day is here!  A lot people are going out this weekend to celebrate.  It is easy to overlook the guys sometimes, so I thought that today I would share Ingenuity Team finds for guys.

Men's Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes from The Thrifting Magpie

These brown suede shoes are vintage 1980's Ferragamo.  They can be found at the Thrifting Magpie.

Vintage High Waist Pants from Clementine's Boutique

These vintage high waist pants from Clementine's Boutique are a gray plaid.

Men's Pinstripe Suit Jacket from Maybel 57

This vintage dark gray jacket can be found at Maybel 57.

Bow Tie from Bartek Design

This cherry red bow tie from Bartek Design provides a pop of color without being over the top.

Check in Tuesday for Jennifer's Treasury Spotlight!

Jessica - Feath & Kee

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