Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fall Trends IV - Color Block

Today, I thought that I would wrap this little series on Fall 2013 trends with color block.  Nothing has quite taken me back to the 90's like this trend.  However, there are plenty of fresh takes on this blast from the past.  As always, Ingenuity Team members have a great selection of the new and vintage to help you place your own signature on the trend.

Fingerless Gloves from UKLA

These gloves from UKLA are made from merino wool.  That bright pop of orange is sure to brighten even the dreariest of days.

Color Blocked Women's Clutch from Caroline Hanna

So you might be intrigued with this whole color block thing, but are not really into huge splashes of color.  This linen clutch from Caroline Hanna is your answer. 

Vintage Color Block Shirt from Vintage Edition

Ready for your blast from the past?  This vintage Joseph Magnin for Liz Claiborne shirt from Vintage Edition is just that!

Chunky Blue Cream Asymmetrical Necklace from ALFADesigns

This necklace from ALFAdesgins carries the color block trend into jewelry with ease and interest.  I am not sure if it would be possible to tire this piece.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did putting it together.  I didn't think that I was much of a color block person until I saw the items offered up by my fellow team members.  For more color block options from Ingenuity Team check here.

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  1. Color block is a trend than never goes out of fashion. It allows practically endless variations and always looks modern.
    Thank you featuring my necklace!